Demystifying programmatic

As revealed by the recent stats released by TubeMogul, programmatic ad-buying is growing very quickly. But, as with anything new, the willingness of advertisers to adopt this approach has been slower than it could’ve been due to the fact that it seems quite complicated.

So, in an effort to demystify programmatic ad buying and thereby encourage more media agencies and marketers to adopt it, Chango has released a series of videos that address some of the questions that have been raised by those in the industry.

In one video that’s been running as a sponsored post on Adweek over the last few days, Chango provides a very simplistic explanation of what programmatic actually involves.    

But this is only one of a range of videos that users can access through the company’s Vimeo account. The company has also released a webinar that goes into more depth on the topic.

Another video weighs up some of the pros and cons:

There aren’t only positives when it comes to programmatic. Some marketers are also concerned about the transparency of the system, ad fraud, and whether the ads are fed onto dodgy sites. And if the programmatic industry is to continue growing as quickly as it is now, these issues will have to be resolved in the future.   

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