Ex-creative launches new venture, Decking Direct

New Zealand’s first retail showroom offering full-service decking, fencing and outdoor construction solutions, Decking Direct, opened its first two stores in Takapuna and Warkworth on Monday 13 May.

Decking Direct simplifies the building process by offering an end-to-end, one-stop-shop for backyard transformations.

With national expansion in its sights, the company has four more sites set to open in Mount Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and Wellington in the coming months.

The new retailer will be the first-of-its-kind brick and mortar experience where customers can see and feel what their new decks will be like.

The concept is the brainchild of decking specialist Sam Stansfield and experienced businessmen Murdoch Razmi and Ash Razmi, all known in their own rights for successful ventures.

“It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about service. We work by the ethos that every person who walks through the Decking Direct doors is treated in the same way you’d treat your parents – with respect and care,” says Murdoch Razmi.

Having run a successful decking business in Northland for the past eight years, Sam says he knows the current process for getting a deck made is underwhelming, time-consuming and painful.

“Managing the build of a new deck can cause so many headaches. People have to find a builder, hope the builder responds, get a quote and then hope for the best in terms of the outcome. We’re not having a bar of that at Decking Direct,” he says. 

Drawing on Ash’s FMCG experience and Murdoch’s work in the tech space, they have streamlined Decking Direct’s systems and automations.

“The construction industry is behind the times when it comes to systems, processes and automation technology. So, we have automated the back end as much as possible which enables us to offer competitive pricing and focus on the customer experience and end product,” says Ash Razmi. 

Decking Direct works with a range of qualified building practitioners to realise each project, with specialists across the board from decking and fencing to balustrades, pergolas and louvres.

Each showroom will showcase all of Decking Direct’s end product offerings in full form across the range of materials, finishes and techniques. Retail customers, developers, architects and commercial customers can visit the space to see and feel what different types of decks look like and how they might work in their own space.

“Spending time outside is an important part of our identity as New Zealanders, so why is it so often an afterthought when it comes to our backyards? With Decking Direct, we’re changing that. We want to help transform Kiwis’ outdoor environments and make that experience enjoyable and memorable every step of the way,” says Murdoch Razmi.

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