Deadly consequences

Now, if we had seen an ad, say 10 years ago that said “don’t selfie and drive” no one would have had a clue what that was about. But with new technology (and front-facing cameras) comes new dangers, and now Volkswagen has released a campaign which aims to stop drivers taking selfies while on the road.

Volkswagon teamed up with DDB Mexico for the campaign, which comprises of a series of print ads of fake car crash victims all cut up and bruised, mid-selfie and arms outstretched, taken from the view of their mobile phones. Text beneath the image says “Don’t selfie and drive”.

And drivers aren’t the only people who need to take precautions when snapping a selfie. Last year a Polish couple visiting Cabo da Roca in west Portugal died after falling from the edge of a cliff while taking one. Depressingly, this was only one of many instances of selfie-related deaths.

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