Two ‘D’s making a ‘B’: DDB Worldwide gets back to its roots with a new visual identity

DDB has introduced a new visual identity that the agency says captures the essence of who they are, as well as being an outward symbol of its thinking, work and people.

The new logo celebrates DDB’s heritage and legacy, with a contemporary twist on the agency’s original logo which incorporated founders Ned Doyle and Mac Dane’s last name initials to form third founder Bill Bernbach’s ‘B’.

Using the agency’s full name, Doyle Dane Bernbach, within the mark was a deliberate decision. While the general industry trend is to shorten agency names, DDB is doubling down on the values that Doyle Dane and Bernbach founded the agency on – creativity and humanity. To this day, Bernbach remains one of the most creative and impactful people to work in the advertising industry and his thinking, ideas, and words colour the agency’s presentations, halls and most importantly, the work DDB produces.

DDB Worldwide chief executive Wendy Clark says great brands always have a foot in the past and a foot in the future.

“This visual identity perfectly captures our heritage and legacy, the contemporary thinking and work we’re known for now, and positions us for the future we intend to claim.” 

DDB New Zealand chief executive Justin Mowday says the updated look is timely.

“A lot in the world has changed over the last five years, but what hasn’t changed is the power of creativity and ideas to drive real business growth for brands. This identity update, inspired by the original DDB logo, is symbolic of us doubling down on that idea that Doyle, Dane and Bernbach established 70 years ago.”

The new logo was created internally by the DDB North America design team. 

DDB North America chief creative officer Ari Weiss says there was no shortage of inspiration in the agency’s back catalogue. 

“Bernbach was the founder of the creative revolution and this mark puts creativity right back at the centre of our organisation. As many other global networks are doubling down on technology and efficiency we wanted to double down on humanity and creativity.”

The new look will be implemented across all internal and external marketing materials on a rolling basis. As demonstrated in the video, the new logo can serve as a frame for each DDB office around the world to make their own to reflect their work, local geography and clients.

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