DDB @ SXSW: Liz Richards and Nick Dellabarca share a few soundbites

DDB’s Liz Richards and Nick Dellabarca are in Austin at SXSW 2016, and they sent through a few outtakes from the past few days.  

It’s not what you’ve done, it’s what you’re going to do. 
No one’s talking about the work they’ve done. Everybody wants to know what’s coming next. People will happily admit they don’t have all the answers and solutions, but by god they’re working on them. It’s some crystal ball shit. 

How you think is more important than what you know. 
Thanks to the interwebs, we don’t need to learn information by heart. It’s all available whenever you need it. It’s how you use that information that determines your success. Everybody’s looking down. During every seminar, 90 percent of the audience are on their phones and tablets. It’s not rude, it’s very much a demonstration of how we’ve learnt to multitask and take in info. 

There’s still a paper trail. 
It’s incredible that at a festival with such a focus on innovation that the humble paper flyer is still the most effective way of reaching people in the street. The same goes for giving out business cards (we didn’t bring any over, now we’re just Facebook friends with a whole bunch of random people). 

Don’t show someone something twice. 
No one wants to see the same thing over and over everywhere they look. Creating specific content for specific channels is vital in order to entertain and engage, especially when you’re a big brand with a lot to say. 

It’s pronounced Gif.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth sixty thousand. That’s a massive amount of information and emotion conveyed very, very quickly. If you can tell your story in just three seconds, do you need to use the full thirty? 

Courtside ain’t just for Jack Nicholson anymore. 
We keep hearing the term ‘Democratisation of infomation’. From making content to its consuming it, every moment now needs to be available to everyone. VIP is dead. 

We’re doin’ it live. 
Immediacy and intimacy are key. Everyone’s talking about ‘live perishable programming’ as the next big thing. Companies like Periscope have the technology, but no brand is really making the best use of it. Who’s gonna do it best, first?

Have a mission and live it. 
Perhaps the best talk we’ve was Cartoon Network x Lego. They’re a great demonstration of how a traditional client – media channel relationship grew to be something epic, all because of a shared philosophy. In their case it’s ‘No fear. More fun.’

It’s maybe not the healthiest choice, but you could go the whole week living off the free food and drink they give out at just about every bar in town. 

A massive shout out to APN Outdoor for sending us over. It’s been hot, sweaty and educational, and even though we’re easily covering at least twenty thousand steps a day (according to Liz’s Fitbit) we’ll both be coming back a few kilograms heavier. If you’d like, check out our adventure on Instagram:

Cheers for the good times at #sxsw2016 @scottiebibs. #apnoutdoornz #ddbdoesaustin #nickandliz

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