DDB resigned to dual creative departures

DDB has been a bit of an arrivals and departures hall recently: Justin Mowday and Aimee McCammonn are soon to join and creative director Adam Kanzer and retail creative director Kim Ellison are soon to leave, with both of their resignations coming in the same week. And, if the old axiom is correct and bad news does indeed come in threes, DDB’s executive creative director Toby Talbot says he’s bracing himself just in case.

Kanzer was hired in July last year and has decided to return to his native New York for “personal reasons completely unrelated to the job”.

“We’re sad to see him go. Adam is a talented bloke and a well-loved and respected member of our creative department,” Talbot says. “He has fully embraced the Kiwi lifestyle in the short time he has been here by becoming a proficient diver, a not quite so proficient surfer and wearing jandles a lot. I have started to interview potential candidates to replace Adam and hope to be able to announce someone within the next month.”

Ellison has been at DDB for almost five years and Talbot says she has done a sterling job on the Warehouse account in that time. A DDB spokeshuman says the hunt is on for a replacement and ex-Saatchi’s retail creative director Mark Lorrigan will be brought in as a contractor after her last day on 28 May.

“After five years on the same piece of retail business, I totally understand Kim’s decision to want to move on. Kim may be a rare breed in that she is a female creative director, but to me it’s her huge personality that makes her so unique,” he says. “Her Tattinger fuelled escapades at SPQR are the stuff of legend. Her strange compulsion to burst into song, on the other hand, I will not miss a bit. We look forward to sending her off in style at the end of the month. As do most of the champagne houses of France.”

And it seems Ellison may soon be a semi-colleague of the recently expanded Image Centre stable: she’s apparently heading off to work at its retail advertising arm Hotfoot in Grey Lynn.

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