‘Paperless’ newspaper or a radio ad? DB Export saves trees via the radio waves

DB Export is continuing its mission to save the world by releasing paperless newspaper ads “printed” on radio. 

Via Colenso BBDO and Franklin Rd., the campaign consists of three “full-page radio” executions, each one-minute long, describing a traditional newspaper scene in tongue-in-cheek detail.  

One describes a BBQ among friends, while another features two mates fishing and the third is about knockoff time on a work site.

Max McKeon, creative director at Colenso BBDO, says you can’t have a beer without a planet so chose to print the newspaper campaign on radio, and save the lives of numerous innocent trees in the process.”

Samuel Forrest, marketing manager at DB Breweries, says the team sought to give drinkers further licence to enjoy a DB Export.

“And what better purpose than if the beer you drink fuels advertising that saves the world.”

‘Paperless Newspaper Ad’ is part of the ‘Drink DB Export, Save the Entire World’ platform. It follows on from the award-winning  DB Export Beer Bottle Sand, an initiative taking empty beer bottles and turning the glass into sand.

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