DB Breweries and Colenso deliver a craft versus lager showdown

With the world seemingly appearing to be more divided than ever thanks to events such as Brexit and Trump becoming the US president, DB Breweries has taken a humorous approach to the divide between lager and craft beer drinkers to launch its new product DB Export Hop Lager. 

In the 60-second TV spot, created by Colenso BBDO and Tim Bullock of Scoundrel, two groups—one of hop drinkers, one of lager drinkers—verbally battle over their differences until the bartender literally jumps in to unify everyone with a bottle of DB Export Hop Lager.

“It tastes like togetherness,” says one drinker, before all raise a toast to “togetherness”.

Tony Wheeler, senior marketing manager at DB Breweries, says beer drinkers enjoy a massive repertoire of beer, with 55 percent of people buying both craft and lagers.

“To complement and unite both worlds, we’ve brewed a lager with slightly more hops, improved for today’s tastes with a little more flavour and character.”

Mulling on a divided world has been big in the beer ad world internationally with Heineken’s recent ‘Worlds apart’ campaign one example. It brought together people of different backgrounds to sit down with a beer and talk out their differences.

While Heineken’s ad was extremely well-received, Canadian agency, John St., decided to parody it with ‘Make humanity great again’. The video put two strangers with different beliefs and values—such as a nun and a goth, and a Star Wars fan and a Star Trek fan—in a room together to bond over their mutual hate of bad advertising. 


Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: DB Breweries
Marketing Director: Sean O’Donnell
Senior Marketing Manager: Tony Wheeler
Marketing Manager: Nicole Scown
Media Agency: PHD Media
Production Agency: Scoundrel

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