David Hasselhoff could be the reason why Germany won the World Cup

In the 80s, after the rest of the world turned its back on David Hasselhoff, the German fans stuck with their bare-chested man. And although his slow-motion running along the beach and his talking car do play a part in this fame, it was in fact his singing career that made him a staple on television screens in the country in the latter parts of the decade.

So, in an effort to show the fans that he is still loyal to them, the Hoff prepared an elaborate parody of the epic five-minute ‘Game before the game‘ spot, created by R/GA, for Beats headphones. 

The utterly ridiculous clip features the former Baywatch star undertaking a serious of pre-game rituals that all indicate his undying support for the Nationalmannschaft.

Given that the Hoff’s career hasn’t been too flash of late, it comes as little surprise that he has decided to remind his fans that he’s still on their side. There is, after all, no point in biting the hand that once fed you. 

Here are a few clips of the curly haired one swooning the crowd with his sonorous voice:      

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