Data dump: mmmmm, beer

When it comes to alcohol, the tastes of the nation are changing, with wine, cider and more expensive, more interesting, high alcohol beer all on the increase. And this has led to a decrease in the consumption of mainstream beer. As president of the Brewer’s Guild Ralph Bungard says: “New Zealanders still love beer, there’s no doubt, but they don’t want to drink those classic big brands by the crate-load anymore.” So, as we head into prime drinking time, here are some trends on New Zealand beer consumption taken from ANZ’s report on the craft beer industry, which have been brought to life by Dot Loves Data.

As the illustrations show, the amount of 2.5-4.35 percent beer consumed dropped from 207 million litres in 2008 to 156 million litres in 2013, while consumption of beer above 4.35 percent has increased from 112 million litres in 2008 to 130 million litres in 2013. 

As an added fact to take into holiday conversations, while many New Zealanders like to think they’re big beer drinkers, we’re not a patch on the Czech Republic, who, according to 2012 figures, consume 148.6 litres per capita per year. New Zealand clocks in with a mere 64.7 litres, placing us at 27th on the list. 

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