Darby cuts some shapes for 2degrees’ Google Play promotion

After worming its way into the pockets of well over one million New Zealanders, 2degrees has been focusing on adding the more lucrative business and post-pay customers to its ledger in recent months, with its latest campaign featuring endorsements from Geoff Ross, Dion Nash, Al Brown and Kate Sylvester. But in keeping with the other major telcos and their various marketing partnerships, 2degrees has struck up a deal with Google Play and its long-serving mascot Rhys Darby is promoting it through the wonder of dad dancing.  

To launch the partnership, 2degrees is offering customers Google Play Music free for three months. Customers can upload their music library and listen to over 25 million more songs, ad-free. And after the trial, the service costs $12.99/month, with the ability to cancel at any time. 

Customers can pay using their 2degrees account, and they can also use their account to purchase movies, apps, games, books and more. 

As is the fashion these days, there’s also a social component to the campaign, which was created by Special Group with Steve Saussey from Stuff & Nonsense on production, with 2degrees giving away prizes to those who show off their dance moves

There’s no doubt Darby’s moves are pretty sweet. But he’s still got a way to go before he reaches Fallon-esque dad dancing levels. 

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