Cyberspace hunt for Stephen King book

Under the DomeStephen King fans are frothing at the mouth to find extracts of his new book, Under the Dome, scattered all over the worldwide web. Launched by Hodder and Stoughton, it’s probably the biggest game of literary hide and seek ever seen.

The epic novel features more than 100 characters with a word count of 336,114. But the book has been broken into more than 5000 snippets and the challenge is to piece the book back together before its worldwide release on 10 November.

Extracts of the book have been hidden across Stephen King fan sites as well as horror, thriller and lifestyle websites, including GQ.com and Wired.co.uk. Extracts are also hidden in the real world, perhaps plastered on a lamp post or under a tombstone. Unfortunately it’s only open to UK residents; they can choose to be a seeker or a hider. The most successful participants will get a night in a posh London hotel with a limited edition proof of the book.

More info and clues can be found at www.stephenking.co.uk, @under_the_dome on Twitter and on the Facebook group.

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