Culture launches campaign celebrating Kiwi diversity

Social media and content agency Culture has released a campaign, Richer With Me, which explores and celebrates the diversity found in New Zealand.

The campaign is a digital crusade which in part will be used to educate Kiwis by sharing the stories other New Zealanders reflecting on camera about all those times they have been judged due to their race.

The team at Culture hopes the project will provoke ongoing dialogue and reflection, bringing to the surface what equality and inclusion look like for different communities within New Zealand’s diverse population.

The video is the first part in a series, and focuses on Black New Zealand.  Jay Hall, social creative at Culture says with the current state of unrest in the world following the BLM movement, now was a great time to bring to light New Zealand’s efforts.

“When you work in an industry that has huge potential to reach an enormous amount of people, you have a moral obligation to do what’s right, to use that platform to break down barriers and expose people to our diverse cultures, religions, sexualities and people, in an attempt to change attitudes in New Zealand. 

“Social media is often reactionary, where acute noise is made on chronic issues. By developing an ongoing campaign, we want to ensure there is always a voice for our diverse range of communities here in Aotearoa.”

Ryan Newton, general manager of Culture, says, “As a social agency, we’re constantly across social media and understand what Kiwis are saying through our social listening platforms. But there’s no point just hearing what people are saying and not taking action. We feel a responsibility to use our skills to tell the stories that matter, highlight the real issues and do our bit to make social media a place to create awareness on social issues and current affairs, not just a place to post the latest protein powder or teeth whitening solution. 

“New Zealand has a growing smorgasbord of people and cultures. Despite this, we could be much more integrated, much more inclusive and celebrate each other’s differences more. This societal changing of prejudices, acceptance of difference, growth in education and ultimately, we hope, love and inclusion of difference, needs to take place in our schools, universities, peer group, workplaces and homes.” 

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