Cruelty to (past) animals

World vegetarian week kicked off last week and ends tomorrow. And while many meat-dodgers are seen as peaceful types who don’t eat creatures because of concerns around animal cruelty, Hell has twisted that stereotype to promote its vege pizza deal. 

While the star of the ad is attractive in his own special way, he didn’t make it into SAFE’s sexiest vegetarians category, with the animal advocacy group celebrating World Vegetarian Day last week by crowning director James Napier Robertson and actor Anna Paquin as New Zealand’s hottest vegetarians. 

As it says in the release:

Paquin is perhaps best known for her role in The Piano, for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress – at the tender age of 11. She has since won a Golden Globe award for her role in True Blood. She may love the blood-sucking vampire lifestyle on screen but off screen vegetables are more her thing.

James Robertson is a writer, film director and producer who wrote and directed the much-acclaimed 2014 film ‘The Dark Horse’, which stars last year’s hottest vegetarian Cliff Curtis. James has been an animal lover almost from the start.

“I became a vegetarian as a stubborn four-year- old as soon as I found out what meat was! 28 years years later still going strong. It has never been about health reasons for me… just a love for animals.” 

Other high-profile vegetarian and vegan Kiwis include actors Emmett Skilton and Michelle Langstone (who was last year’s hottest vegetarian female), presenter Sacha McNeil, singers Benny Tipene and Gin Wigmore, Heart Foundation medical director Professor Norman Sharpe, and designers Denise L’Estrange-Corbet and Karen Walker.

A few years back, Pak ‘n Save felt the force of complaining vegetarians after its meat week ad poked a bit of fun at them. 

But rather than bow down the haters and remove it, it simply modified it slightly.

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