Creativity stars in Getty compilation

Stock imagery is sometimes criticised for presenting over-used clichés, which offer little in the way of original brand representation. So, in an effort to illustrate that this criticism doesn’t apply to its offering, Getty Images has just released a new video montage that showcases the broad range of imagery across its catalogues.

Starting with ‘Rising Female,’ the first section of the video provides a glimpse at several images that subvert the traditional representation of women in marketing material. Rather than just being presented as pretty faces, women are shown as strong, creative, assertive and intelligent. 

Next, the montage moves onto the ‘Super-sensory’ section that illustrates how images can relay a deeply sensual experience that the viewer can almost feel and taste in some instances. 

And it doesn’t end there. With the introduction of the ‘Storytelling and Archetypes’ section, we are treated to the juxtaposition of an astronaut standing in an overgrown garden before the scene shifts to that of a solitary man standing beneath a glowing green sky.

Arguably one of the most intense sections of the video is the ‘Point of View’ segment, which features a range of photographs that pull the viewer into the action. When a biker falls and hits the floor it almost seems as though the viewers’ chin is connecting with unforgiving concrete; and when the feet of a faceless person dangle precariously from an aircraft, it seems as though we are also hanging above the city.

And while much of the photography is based on the human experience, this trend is broken in the ‘Neo-conceptual Still-life’ section, where we see a series of staged photographs that evoke a visceral sense of unease.

After this, the final few sections provide momentary glimpses at ballet dancers, energy experiments and the snapshots of some of the up-and-coming photographers on Getty’s team.          

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