Creative types play God as AWARD’s Ian gets moulded, shaped and crafted

The Australasian Writers and Art Directors Association (AWARD) has put its call for entries out. And the collaborative campaign affectionately known as ‘Ian’ is equal parts strange and intriguing.

AWARD is a non-political, non-profit organisation with a single idea: to raise the standards in all creative areas and commercial communications. And participation is integral to its success (“it’s nothing without you,” the website says) so, in keeping with this approach, it’s asking the AWARD community, which is made up of a collection of like-minded tutors, judges, students, lecturers, winners, sponsors, members, journalists and evangelists, for some help to mould, shape and craft Ian into the best man he can be in time for the awards night.

Ian is certainly quite a lot different to your usual call for entries campaign. Basically, the idea is that Ian, who’s half man, half idea, isn’t ready. He still needs plenty of work to whip him into shape. So over the next few weeks and months, he will be tweaked and fiddled with like the object that he is. He’s a blank canvas, an everyman (or everywoman), ready to be given life and, during the call for entries period and leading up to the event, his journey will be chronicled via regular episodes uploaded to iansgettingready.com (check out the prequel teaser featuring Ian playing with a balloon, and the follow up which actually explains what the hell it’s all about).

The first instalment ‘Dance Class’ will be released soon, and eight others will follow. And anyone can help decide what kins of man Ian ought to be by voting on the finer details of his personal grooming, attire and even his escort for AWARD night by adding suggestions on the site.

Now in it’s 32nd year, the AWARD awards are regarded as one of the most prestigious award shows in the region, usually drawing around 3000 entries across categories like film and video, craft in film, print, integrated campaign, posters and outdoor, ambient, print craft, radio, direct marketing, design, digital and creative innovation. So get in there and enter your goodies here.

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