Same site, different offering: Iceberg replaces Strategy Auckland

Officially launched in December, Iceberg adds a new name to the Auckland agency scene. 

The agency was formerly part of the Strategy Creative Group—which also has offices in Sydney, Wellington, Christchurch, and Tokyo—but the team in Auckland, led by managing director Martin O’Sullivan, has cut ties and started a new, independent shop.       

Although Iceberg has retained the same studio, team and clients as their time as Strategy, O’Sullivan insists that Iceberg is “a very different business with a totally different direction and a very different offering”.

“We’re different in terms of our offering, in terms of what we’re specialising in, and the fact that we’re growing,” he says.

Focusing on a trio of core services centred on brand, digital and video, Iceberg has worked with clients such as My Food Bag, Auckland Airport, Stride Property and Te Uru.

It’s also worth noting that the management team in Auckland will now drive all decisions in the fully independent business.   

In a statement, he goes on to say: “We take the time to get to really get to know our clients, their business, their customers and their people. Our solutions are not about us, our egos, or getting our name in a book. It’s about what works for our clients to communicate to, and engage their customers.”

O’Sullivan says the company’s name reflects this ethos, and that like the tip of an iceberg, it’s about making the clients as visible as possible.

“This is how we think: for many, a brand is perceived as just the tip of the iceberg. But it’s the smart thinking that sits below the surface that will ensure a brand delivers an engaging and cohesive experience across all touch points, and tell the story that the business wants to tell,” he says.

O’Sullivan would not comment further on the circumstances surrounding the decision to break away from the Strategy Creative group.

Strategy Group managing partner Geoff Cranko had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publishing.  

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