Cookie Bear gets a modern makeover from True

An icon of our childhoods and really probably the only stable role model I’ve had in my life has been revamped. Griffin’s Cookie Bear has been brought into the new decade by True, ready to inspire a whole new generation of biscuits bingers.

Cookie Bear has seen me at some of my lowest moments, from shoving six biscuits into my pockets as a wee sprout and showing mum only the two I had in my hand, to shame spiralling as a teen and demolishing a whole pack of 100’s and 1000’s, to now polishing off half a packet of Gingernuts after dinner because they seem healthier and ginger is technically a vegetable.

Since Cookie Bears move to Griffin’s in the 1990s the mascot has been a staple of our cupboards. Now, True Media has revamped our humble bear in a new TVC, making way for a more contemporary, animated Cookie Bear who encourages imaginative play, connecting him more effectively with a new generation of Kiwi kids and their parents.

True Executive Creative Director Tim Huse said it had been a fun and interesting journey bringing Cookie Bear back to life. “New Zealand is a very different place in 2020 and his new role, encouraging imaginative play, is ensuring an iconic brand remains relevant.”

“We couldn’t have dum-dee-done it without the clever people at Flying Fish and Flux – a lot of love and a cookies went into bringing Cookie Bear back to life. Now we’re looking forward to a whole new generation of kids having fun with him.”

Griffins New Zealand Marketing Manager, Hannah McKee said “We have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with our friends at True in bringing our beloved Cookie Bear out of hibernation, refreshed and revitalised for the modern New Zealand family.”

“You can’t help but love working on a campaign that talks to the heart and fun of parenting in this day and age and the importance of one’s imagination never growing up.”

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