Contact Energy and Special launch new campaign

Contact Energy and agency partner, Special, have launched the latest iteration of their gold Effie winning ‘It’s good to be home’ brand platform.  

It tells of how Contact is focused on advancing the quality of home life for all New Zealanders and is developing more than $1.2 billion of renewable energy projects and initiatives to reduce emissions.  

 This campaign shows Contact is committed to building a better future for humans – as well as all the flora and fauna whom we share this home with.    

Sera Flint, Head of Marketing at Contact, says, “As Kiwis, we love our homes and also have a special connection to New Zealand as our shared home. But we don’t live here alone – as seen in this campaign. We wanted to share what Contact is doing to ensure it’s good to be home in New Zealand, both now and in the future.

“We’re committed to and actively working towards making Aotearoa a better place for all, by promising net zero energy generation by 2035.”  

The new campaign takes place in a Kiwi flat, complete with the trials and angst that come with a mixed living situation – from not replacing the loo paper, to bathroom hogging, milk stealing, drain clogging, and the classic goldfish disappearing (okay, maybe not that last one.)      

Special CCO, Jonathan McMahon, says, “That penguin, Nigel, might come across as a little bit uptight, but have you tried living with a milk-stealing ruru and gaming sea lions and sheep? No? Then probably not a deciduous tree that likes to bathe first every morning either then, I imagine.

“Well, what about those things we call humans? Sometimes they can just be the worst. Luckily, like Nigel, Contact just wants us to live more harmoniously in the future, with regard to the quality of home life for of all of Aotearoa’s flatties. So much so, they even let the soundtrack be performed by (The) Turtles.  

“The Contact team has been a true partner in this project. Animation is always a long, tricky road to take, but their patience, attention to detail, and overall passion for this project has been commendable.

“It’s been an exciting project to be a part of, especially with Freddy and the team at Finch, and of course the wonderful team at Flux who have brought all our characters to life.” 


Client: Contact Energy  

Chief Retail Officer Matt Bolton 

Head of Brand Marketing: Sera Flint 

Head of Product & Innovation: Sam Morse 

Advertising Communications Manager – Brand & Marketing: Shea Whittington 

Brand Lead – Marketing Communications: Elle Hunter 

Agency: Special 

CEO / Creative Chairman: Tony Bradbourne 

Chief Creative Officer: Lisa Fedyszyn 

Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan McMahon 

Creative Director: Steve Hansen 

Creative Director: David Shirley 

Chief Strategy Officer: Rory Gallery 

Senior Strategist: Amy Willemse 

Group Business Director: Simone Botherway 

Business Director: Michael Lyons 

Senior Business Manager: Jeremy Sinniah 

General Manager: John Marshall 

Head of TVP: Therese Bielawa  

Head of TVP: Katie Mortensen  

Producer: Nigel Sutton  

Producer: Gabrielle Eggels 

Production company: Finch 

Director: Freddy Mandy 

Managing Director: Corey Esse 

Executive Producer: Rebekah ‘Bex’ Kelly 

Producer: Yolande Dewey 
Producer: Nikki Walker 

Animation: Flux 

Executive Producer: Josh Forsman 

Executive Creative Director: Laban Dickinson 

Photography: Match Artists 

Photographer: Ross Brown 
Producer:  Gerardine Turney 

Music Licensing: Marcus Brooke-smith Leveltwo 

Composer: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper 
Sound Design: Craig Matuschka at Liquid Studios 

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