The Rock turns the other cheek

The Rock is certainly no stranger to controversy. The radio station is aimed squarely at men, and, more specifically, 18-35 year old male bogans, so on-air hijinks like win a divorce and un-PC promotions like win a wife (after some mild outrage the comp name was changed to ‘WIN A TRIP TO BEAUTIFUL UKRAINE FOR 12 NIGHTS AND MEET EASTERN EUROPEAN HOT LADY WHO MAYBE ONE DAY YOU MARRY’) are often the order of the day. Such activities don’t always go down to well with, for example, those who listen to The Breeze or Concert FM. But rather than shy away from these complaints, the station has embraced it as part of a new  campaign. 

“We went to Isaac [Thackray from Brown Trousers] wanting a campaign that was simple and gave people a taste of the irreverent humour that the can expect from us on-air,” says Paige Wright, marketing manager for The Rock. “After having thrown around a few ideas Isaac googled The Rock just to see what would come up that could trigger some inspiration and that’s when we came across all sorts of complaints about the station. Reading through them was laugh out loud material and straight away the complaints campaign was born.” 

The campaign is produced from legitimate complaints to the BSA and is being executed on billboards across Auckland, Tauranga, Taranaki, Wellington and Christchurch, along with various print executions.

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