The Compendium: 8 November

We aren’t even half way through November, but the Christmas advertising has already kicked off. And with its adult take on the Alice in Wonderland theme, M&S wants you to believe that shopping is akin to jumping down the rabbit hole.

Fendi are now trying to coax a few extra piles of money out of the super rich with a range of accessories that can be attached to their over-priced bags.

This horrifying Finnish commercial shows that advertisers don’t always have a sunny disposition. The tagline attached to this smoking-prevention campaign is ‘a mother can be her baby’s worst enemy.’

World Championships Martial Arts has responded to the endemic problem of bullying in schools with a smart ad that depicts a kid just being himself. Rather than focusing on what happens in the gym, Canadian ad agency BrandHealth Communications instead turns the viewers’ attention to the difference martial arts can make to a young person.

Milan-based DLV BBDO pitted rockers against DJs in a scathing ad for Rolling Stone that compares the producers of house music to drug peddlers.

In addition to reducing the deficit of Greece and helping people to overcome a burning sensation while peeing, tea is also posited as the means by which to survive a zombie apocalypse in this hilarious commercial for Yorkshire Tea. In fact, the usefulness of tea is so broad that this ad could only have been inspired by Luigi Wewege’s CV. Here are some of the hilarious Tweets that would provide great content for a parody:

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