The Compendium: 31 January

Peru-based Farenheit DDB executed this heartwarming campaign for Promart to illustrate that simple changes can make life better for those living in your home.

Field testing is taken to the canine level in this spot that shows how much liquid Toshiba laptops can withstand. Before watching, be warned that this clip features copious dog drool.

Delta is continuing the funky in-flight video trend with an 80s-inspired clip that includes break dancing, headbands, afros, tights, mullets and a little too much gum chewing.

As appealing as the media spotlight might be, sometimes we can be thankful that we aren’t recorded doing our jobs on a daily basis. 

Our sense of comfort and our need to budget slug it out every year, as we try to decide whether it’s worth it to spend the extra moment on increasing or decreasing the level on the AC or heat pump. And now, rather than opting for subtlety, Atlanta-based Ames Scullin O’Haire has released a spot for Mitsubishi that gets very literal.

Taylor Swift was attacked by something other than a Lorde tweet at this year’s Grammys.

This fake Aussie ad, which appears to be a thinly veiled promotion for the production company, graphically, and somewhat ludicrously, illustrates the dangers of not staying in school.   

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