The Compendium: 28 June

So, I get what I and Love and You are trying to say here. But, by very definition pets are not actually people. Because only humans can be classified as people. Much confusion.

Aw, so many beautiful stories of people being motivated by their loved ones. So charming, so sweet, if only Uber could figure out its own workers rights problem.

This mother’s aggravation is a tale as old as time, will they/won’t they ever get on the road trip? Thankfully, she went to Giant so she could save time on the actual journey. Phew.

Oh wow, how smug are the Greeks about their pristine weather? I mean, 250 sunny days a year is just absurd. At least Aegean Airlines followed through on its promise to offer a discount if clouds appeared. 

This human-like pizza slice really let that pineapple miss its tram and then wandered off when things got a bit tough? If I was that pineapple I’d be pissed off – they’d really made the effort there. While pineapple on pizza is a polarising meal no matter what way you look at it, Just Eat’s message is love is love.

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