The Compendium: 27 September

Ru Paul busted out of my screen, yelled at me for not loving myself then bitch slapped me with a TV guide. The sheer extraordinary talents of these queens are gracing UK screens from October 3. Bringing confidence, love, acceptance and feelings of inadequacy to the British public. Channel your inner Ru Paul, we’re all born naked, and the rest is drag. 

BikerTek is a stunning message that bikes repair faster than bikers. This spot is a clever take for how bike accidents are becoming more common and more damaging as vehicles become faster. The ‘stall workers’ are all crash victims, showing the types of metal they have inside themselves due to past incidents. All round, a heavy yet necessary way of showing the dangers that come with motorcycles. 

John Goodman must be struggling to find work these days, as he hops into an imaginary land, lamenting us for wearing shoes? Honestly, I was confused from start to finish, yet for some reason still filled with a melancholy that indeed, we do have to grow up and listen to other peoples opinions. R.I.P Fred Flintstone. 

The new Burger King ad can be summarised by a simple equation. The new ‘Scary Whoooper’ = 300 calories, watching a scary movie = Negative 300 calories. So eating ‘Scary Whoooper’ plus watching a scary movie = a dumb as hell ad. 

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