The Compendium: 24 July

Bacon appreciation at Wendy’s.

Mums won’t walk in on you forever says Clearasil.

Red Cross channels the swagger.

Possibly the grossest billboards in the world by Omaha.

Southern Comfort gives pasties a golden glow.

The Slow Mo Guys put a 6ft man in a 6ft balloon.. looks like a freakish reverse birth.

Scope challenges assumptions by getting disabled people and their partners to show how it’s done for International Kissing Day.

Danny Trejo channels his tough guy persona for California law firm Bergener Mirejovsky.

RNLI gives an all-too-real example of our poor survival skills in the water. Hold your breath.

Brandon Semenuk makes flipping on bikes look easy in this one-take clip for Unreal.

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