The Compendium: 24 January

It’s true that Google might be a modern oracle that holds the answers to all of life’s pressing questions. But what if it was suddenly discovered that this all-knowing presence was actually just a bearded bureaucrat sitting in a small room in front of a filing cabinet.   

By tapping into the type of ridiculousness that typified Salvador Dali’s life, Goodby Silverstein & Partners have created a staring competition app that requires people to have a stare-off with a portrait of the eccentric painter. If you find two hours of your life dispensable, then this app is for you. 

It’s often said that successful job interviews should take around 20 minutes, but DDB Oslo doesn’t agree with this sentiment. The agency believes that 10 seconds is sufficient time to make a good first impression. 

Just to prove that condom ads can get weirder and more controversial, Hero Condoms has released a clip that features death by asphyxiation – and there’s nothing autoerotic about it.

It might be the soundtrack. It might be the nonchalant walk. It might even be the tight burgundy briefs. But there’s just something about this spot that makes it impossible to look away. 

The portmanteau madness that pervades the already jargon-filled world of marketing has just added bizcation to the vernacular. And while business-related trips can take a toll on family life, this doesn’t mean that parents should suffer through them.

The first of Go Daddy’s Super Bowl ads features a horde of tan-desperate bodybuilders running through the streets. 

Indy flicks are increasingly becoming reliant on tested tropes that always seem to get preferential treatment at the Sundance Festival. So, in an effort to expose the Sundance bias, a pair of filmmakers created a parody that features some fantastic text overlays.   

The recent retirement and subsequent arrest of Biebs means that the hopes and dreams of trillions, if not quadrillions, of teenage girls, some human, some alien, some just worryingly obsessed now lie in boys of One Direction. Too bad then that they seem to have lost the ability to hold a melody.      


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