The Compendium: 21 February

In this pair of ads, Samsung shamelessly mocks the Apple pencil campaign that was released late last year. Using the same camera angle and similarly deep narration, the new spot scrolls over the pencil to expose the iPad, but then goes one step further to reveal the Galaxy tablet, which is then shown to not only be thinner than Apple’s product but also more useful.  

The GoPro camera range has been a favourite in extreme sports circles for quite some time, but now it’s also lending a helping hand to the conservation efforts of one crazy South African, who seems oblivious to the reason why Siegfried and Roy’s show was cancelled.

Lacoste draws a shot-by-shot parallel between the thrill of jumping off a building and the anxiety of kissing someone for the first time.   

An unnervingly calm chicken is used to illustrate just how light Samsonite’s luggage is. It must, however, be said that the most remarkable element about this ad is that the fowl trainers were able to keep the bird from jumping off the see-saw. 

Nivea provides a series of solutions to first-world problems in new ad that aims to help make life even easier for those who already have the luxury of soothing the dryness under their eyes with a the specially formulated creams and lotions sold on supermarket shelves.

A fundamental problem with most charitable campaigns for social issues that lie beyond the national borders of where the appeal is being made is that target market doesn’t ever see the suffering first hand. So, in order to remind Norwegians how they would react if they encountered a freezing child in Oslo, the not-for-profit SOS hooked up hidden cameras and sent a shivering boy to a bus stop. As expected, people soon started helping the boy by giving him items of their clothing. 

The Red Cross also recently launched a similar campaign to illustrate to Britons how the problem of food insecurity would manifest itself in the UK. It didn’t take long for people to start feeling outraged at the thought of paying 10 pounds for a single cupcake.  


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