The Compendium: 2 August

There are more than 40 million people worldwide oppressed by modern slavery. Often these victims are right in front of us, but go unseen. The campaign invites people to take notice.

Is this baby experiencing lucid dreaming? What a lucky little thing! It’s cute to image what babies must be dreaming about – but we’re not sure that changes depending on their nappy.

Oh what, this is a jarring experience. Watching a video that’s working, buffer on screen. Great cause and nice initiative though.

Peel potato, peel peel potato. Fly massive fried egg, fly! Still won’t eat corned beef, though.

Well this is idyllic. Summer is everyone’s favourite time of year – and this Estonian ice cream company knows that nothing beats an ice cream on a hot day.

Liberty Mutual Insurance – a company that will insure you no matter how bad you are at your job, apparently.

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