The Compendium: 17 January

By tapping into Academy Awards fever, the promotional geniuses behind Muppets Most Wanted have created a promo video that not only hypes the upcoming release of the film but also generates quite a few laughs. And we’re pretty sure that even Dane Cook would commend the use of the phrase ‘you don’t even know’. 

Many have attempted, unsuccessfully, to battle the scourge of counterfeit goods that inundate the marketplace. So, instead of attempting to do the same, the team at Saddleback Leather have decided to teach people how to make a knock-off bag – thereby revealing what actually goes into every product.

Mocking the pretentiousness of hipsters will get old one day. But today is not that day.

Guinness uses the grunty backdrop of Brazzaville to show that life is all about choices. The only questionable part in this visual treat of an ad lies in the quote “I am the captain of my soul. I am the master of my fate,” a line which is taken from Invictus, the poem by Victorian poet William Ernest Henley. Surely something by James Joyce or Flannery O’Connor would’ve been more appropriate.

We all make mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes serve no purpose beyond simple annoyance, but at other times they can generate countless laughs. And this short collection of logo fails definitely falls into the latter category.

Trying to be a good Samaritan can sometimes result in you trying to help the wrong person (or baby). 

From a baby puking on the streets, we now move on to sports fans spitting their drinks all over themselves. 

Johnny Walker shows the dangers of drink driving by making a Formula 1 car out of glass.

And if this doesn’t quite satiate your need for procrastination, then check out the following pair of links:

  • When those deadlines start to feel a little overwhelming, then it might be time for a visit to Calm.com, a relaxation website that could easily be a mind-control strategy devised by the military industrial complex.
  • PETA compares horses to children in print ads to spread awarness about animal maltreatment.

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