The Compendium: 14 March

“William” Ferrell and Robert Redford debate how to restore the Colorado River delta. While Redford provides a reasonable solution, Ferrell suggests moving the ocean, literally. 

Just how far has Photoshop gone? Well, according to this time-lapsed, reverse-engineered video, pizza slices are becoming people. We’re just thankful that the video stopped at pepperoni, because we don’t even know what came before that.

Although antique in terms of internet age, this five-year-old video re-emerged this week and made the rounds on social media. Any person who has experienced the indefatigable will of a dog to play will appreciate this engineer’s solution.

The team at Honest Trailers is at it again, and this time they’re aiming a few barbs at the ‘manic depressive princess’, ‘adorkable sister’ and ‘completely unnecessary, unexplained magical troll rocks’ that feature in Disney’s Frozen.

The magic of 3D printing has given us guns, knives, model cars and now basketball sneakers.

Earlier this week, Contagion’s Tom Bates shared his thoughts on the world of wearable tech from the SXSW conference in the States. And judging by this video on the a surprisingly trendy Smarty Ring, it seems that it might not be too long until the LED flash adorns our fingers. 

The FCB arms of Spain and Los Angeles have collaborated on this mockumentary about Linda Dotson Wooley, the widow of Sheb Wooley, whose scream has been dubbed into countless movies over the years. Shot in a depressing room decorated with an animal-skin rug, the ad is centres on how Wooley can’t bear to watch TV on account of the fear of hearing her husband’s ubiquitous wail. 

By showcasing a montage of footage of men supporting gender equality, the ‘HeforShe’ campaign aims to illustrate that men also have a role to play in bringing about social change.

While we would usually refrain from sharing anything related to the Biebs, this clip from his deposition might feature one of the best Freudian slips ever made. At the one-minute mark, when answering a question about the influence that Usher had on his career, Bieber says, “I think I was detrimental to my own career.” His lawyer then quickly steps in to correct the mistake, but by that stage the damage had already been done.

Despite this torrid performance, it seems that the Beliebers are “like” still supporting him. 


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