The Compendium: 14 August

If you claim to not love Total Eclipse of the Heart, you’re a liar. Everyone loves 80s power ballads, including Fiber One.

Speaking of songs your mum loves, here’s a Coke ad featuring Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual. We’re not sure how it’s relevant to the ad, but there it is.

McDowell’s makes sure you don’t get in trouble with the boss for screwing around on Reddit at work.

Porn sex vs. real sex, explained using food. Don’t watch this while eating. And make sure you’ve got your Boss Patrol codeword sorted out, too.

The Danish host of Go Aften Danmark ate a chili live on air, like an idiot. We’re not sure what he thought was going to happen.

Finally! Yogurt that has birth control in it! The only two things women care about, according to advertising.

Toshiba’s latest campaign is like an episode of Dexter, except with more chickens and less stabbing.

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