The Compendium: 1 May

Creating ink from a smoker’s lungs is morbid but effective. 

Jemaine Clement gets the biggest role of his life as a talking horse.

A simple packaging solution to a first world problem. 

If you’re going to get a new tooth, make sure it’s a practical one.

Audi gives birth to a new car—quite literally.

Denham Jeans’ cinematic tour de force, starring ‘the Howard Hughes of the denim industry’ trying to out-vintage everyone. Check out the whole Jeanmaker movie here

The new promo for Call of Duty imagines a very complex future. 

The truth will out. 

Non-existent memories.

Ram Trucks asks women to find the courage that’s already inside. 

A surprising hit about parenting, delivered by a storage company. 

Three Mobile shows the perils of bad communication.

All trailers are the same.

And see a Microsoft robot tell you how old you look.  

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