Commercial radio ends 2020 up on last year

The New Zealand Commercial Radio Industry today released the S4 2020 Radio Audience Data, revealing over 3.6 million Kiwis were listening to radio weekly and almost 3.4 million listened to commercial radio stations.

The GfKRadio Audience Measurement survey typically contacts at least 14,000 respondents across the country annually.

RBA CEO Jana Rangooni says the industry is seeing a return to normal listening patterns after the spike in talk listening due to COVID-19. 

The last survey for 2020 demonstrates the important role radio played in the lives of Kiwis at a time when people want news they can trust.

NZME CEO Michael Boggs says: “The GfK results across 2020 have illustrated once more just how deeply radio is stitched into the fabric of New Zealand culture. In equal measure, New Zealanders have needed news and information they can trust as well as companionship and a few laughs – and they have turned to radio for both. The convenience and immediacy of live radio, along with the abundance of talented and professional broadcasters that grace our airwaves, ensures the traditional broadcast platform has a vibrant future. 

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“The growing popularity of digital audio platforms provides yet another opportunity for the New Zealand radio industry to continue to innovate for our audiences and our commercial partners.” 

Outgoing Mediaworks CEO and RBA Chair Michael Anderson adds: “Although it’s been a challenging year, this latest survey demonstrates radio continuing to deliver for it’s audiences and advertisers. 

“I leave the industry happy in the knowledge that the traditional platform remains ingrained in the daily lives of Kiwis, and through innovation there are increasing opportunities to engage audiences in ways that will revolutionise the industry for future growth.”

Non Commercial Radio Audience Figures will be released December 10th.

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