Commercial intimacy, come on in

The world of the consumer is an ever-evolving one and for business it presents many an opportunity, though it is certainly not without its challenges. And that commercial intimacy is something design agency DNA is keen to tap into with the re-launch of its Open website this week.

“The key thing about commercial intimacy is that we are talking about the world moving to a scenario where businesses and their communication agents are dealing with a niche of one,” says DNA business development manager Aaron Carson.

“Consumers have more power now than ever. This presents endless opportunities for business if they are willing to listen and respond accordingly.”

The re-jigged website is focused on examining trends, issues and innovation, creating what Carson says is a forum for discussion within the broader topic of commercial intimacy.

“What’s exciting is that this isn’t about ring fencing something, this is about encouraging discussion so the industry and the business community are in a better place for it.”






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