Colmar Brunton seeks to understand women through nzgirl partnership

While the way of the woman may be a little difficult to figure out at times, Colmar Brunton is hoping to gain a little insight by working with nzgirl.co.nz. The two have teamed up to to create the Colmar Brunton Women’s Monitor, a monthly survey that nzgirl innovations director Jenene Freer says will take a unique approach to questioning on attitudes.

“It will steer away from typical lifestyle data and instead seeking a more modern view of how women operate and think in today’s more liberated world.”

The monitor aims to collect opinions from 500 women every month. If that seems like a lot, Freer says that the first survey was answered by roughly 800 women in just two days. “In terms of how we collect this information we get much responses faster than [Colmar Brunton] are used to.”

The data will be Colmar’s to pull the unique information out of, which will aim to gather qualitative information on wellbeing, family, priorities, career, purchasing behaviour, media consumption (traditional, digital and social) and brand preferences, among other demo’s which Freer says should be discussed in a braver approach.

“Today we believe that marketers fear the backlash from the politically correct and water down how they interact with female consumers. Understanding women is not simple and grouping them together and assuming they’re all the same is incredibly dangerous.” Freer explains.

The 100,000-shy database of members holds a trustworthy insight to what Colmar Brunton might not have. It’s also worthy of note that many of the interviewees will be the same people participating, not just cold-called statistics.

nzgirl currently gets roughly 67,000 NZ visitors (125,000 total) and 350,000 NZ page impressions (450,000 total) per month. Colmar Brunton youth insights director Spencer Willis, who had previously worked with Freer, says that after the first survey has already brought up valuable and insightful points.

“Currently a significant number of female-centric insights are being utilised by marketers from Australia and beyond, then rolled out locally as representative of how New Zealand women think and act.”

Freer says that the monitor will ask questions that advertisers and media will want to find out, and not just be a validation of what is already known about women. “No matter how politically incorrect their responses might be, we’ll be able to provide a robust view of how nzgirls really see it.”

The first figures are due out on May 25, and will be freely available to nzgirl readers.



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