Colenso BBDO continues its mission to save the world with 42 Below

42 Below and Colenso BBDO are tackling the not-so-crucial issue of cocktail-garnish-waste by making soap from discarded lemons in an effort to remind them that it’s a home-grown vodka.

With New Zealand’s pure and green image as the inspiration for the campaign, 42 Below is gathering the remains of the lemons bartenders put in drinks that would otherwise be discarded at the end of the night. It’s then sending them to the Botanical Distillery to be turned into 100 percent pure, eco-friendly hand soap that’s returned to the bars in bottles for the bathrooms and sachets to be handed out with drinks.

Colenso BBDO’s Dave Brady admits it’s a ridiculous thing to recycle leftover bits of lemon from people’s drinks but adds that’s also the genius of it.

“The soap opens the door for 42 Below to tell its purity story at the bar in a 42 Below way, and creates a conversation with the bar staff where there was none. If we can give them a reason to recommend our vodka over the rest, we’ve won half the battle.”

And in case you were concerned about the cleanliness of a soap made out of secondhand (and possibly sucked on) fruit, head distiller at the Botanical Distillery Jill Mulvaney says it’s created a completely sterile, slightly alcoholic lemon extract.

The soap in bars has been supported with content, social, PR, in-bar media and targeted outdoor in the hopes of getting the story into the heads of drinkers before they make their beverage choices. According to the release, over 43 million have so far been reached through PR and social alone and close to 30,000 units of eco soap has been made.

The making of soap follows Colenso BBDO’s beer bottle sand and ‘brewtroleum’ initiatives for DB. The two campaigns (released this year and 2015 respectively) have both touted a message of saving the world in some way with DB products.

DB’s beer bottle sand mission sought to save New Zealand’s shrinking beaches by grinding down glass bottles in specially designed sand machines. The sand can then be used for golf bunkers, sports field drainage and concrete. Each bottle makes 200 grams of sand.

It’s earlier ‘Brewtroleum’ campaign saw it create a biofuel from beer byproducts. It was available at Gull stations for a limited time while the campaign itself earned the agency a shelf of awards including a Grand Effie, an APAC Grand Effie, an Axis Grand Prix and New Zealand’s first D&AD White Pencil.

Agency: Colenso BBDO
Client: Bacardi-Martini Ltd
Denis Brown, MD Bacardi Martini Australia
Fraser Lockwood, marketing manager
Media Agency: Ogilvy PR Sydney, Ogilvy House

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