Clemenger BBDO masters the art of distraction, takes August Orca

Clemenger BBDO’s Simon Wharton and James Burton have taken the August ORCA off DraftFCB for their NZTAGPS vs.’ campaign, which reminds us that “when you’re focused on the phone, you’re not focused on the road”. 

Judges—Josh Moore (Y&R), Rob Jack & Tony Bradbourne (Special Group) & Lisa Fedyszyn (Whybin\TBWA)—thought the campaign was “a great way to disorient the listener to highlight the danger.”

The win marks the end of their time at Clemenger BBDO as they head to Auckland to start their new roles at .99 on 7 October.

Kelly Lovelock and Hywel James took the July instalment for their ode to Gregg’s Jelly

The judges—Angus Hennah (Ogilvy), Trevor Plant (AUT) and Cleve Cameron (JWT)—said: “Well written prose painting an evocative picture” and “Beautifully written and voiced. Good old fashioned theatre of the mind.”

Enter the ORCAs and listen to the winning campaigns at trb.co.nz.

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