Cirkus and Ogilvy make poetry in a beautiful spot for Church Road Winery

Church Road Winery has released a new campaign, via Ogilvy Auckland and Cirkus, featuring an animated film to excite wine lovers as it prepares to launch its vintage 2013 range of exclusive Tom Wines.

Ogilvy approached Cirkus with a poem and a concept to create a film from hand drawn frames that explain the wine making process.

Cirkus producer Puteri Raja Ariff says it interpreted the words of the poem to create a story board and ultimately the illustrations that make each frame. Together, the poem and illustrations tell the story of the winery and the making of its wine, from a valley once covered in rivers to grapes that “shed their caps” and are “transformed by time”.

One of the unique things about this film is it is 2D. Raja Ariff says it’s not often Cirkus creates films in 2D, but it was the perfect fit for this particular film as it makes it feel hand drawn through the lines and texture. 3D films go through more of a process with modeling, texturing and rendering.

Of the illustrations, 70 were printed and gifted by Church Road’s winemaker Chris Scott to guests invited to the Tom pre-launch event in May.

Each frame of the film was digitally painted by the Cirkus team with Anna Lee directing, while Ty Jepsen led the animation of the frames of the approved storyboard, such as the wine being swished about in a glass or hands morphing into a bird. Illustrators Rebecca Tan and Vittorio Suhendro worked to create the appropriate colour in-between frames.


Cirkus Team
Director: Anna Lee
Animator: Ty Jepsen
Illustrators: Rebecca Tan, Vittorio Suhendro
Producer: Puteri Raja Ariff

Sound design and music: Ryan Dickinson at Ogilvy & Mather

Voiceover: Nathaniel Lees

Ogilvy & Mather Auckland Team
Executive creative director: Regan Grafton
Creative director: Rupert Hancock
Art director: Gaelyn Churchill
Copywriter: Matt Simpkins
Group account director: Maggie Antone
Account director: Pink Kitsawat

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