Cats finally get what they have always demanded: soufflé

The pet industry is massive. And growing. And at-times completely ridiculous, as evidenced by Purina’s new “cat soufflé”. Yes, that’s right, a cat soufflé. 

As the exclamation mark-heavy release says: 

Loving cat owners understand mornings offer a unique opportunity for them to take some ‘time out’ to bond with their beloved kitty cat, before starting their day. Fancy Feast Mornings provides cats a delicious breakfast experience they can enjoy alongside their owner, to make this ‘special time’ even better.

Every pampered pussy cat will love the Fancy Feast Mornings range of gourmet breakfast medleys and soufflés. The meals look so scrumptious you could be mistaken in thinking they can be eaten by humans!

Made from the finest quality ingredients, cats won’t be turning their noses up at the flavours on offer, which include combinations of wild salmon, white meat chicken, turkey, garden veggies and egg – yes, egg!

Kylie Hale, brand manager at Fancy Feast, says: “We love to make cats feel special as they deserve to indulge in a good quality breakfast with their owner. With such delicious flavours available, cats will love this special time of day even more and owners can rest assured they’re giving their cats an experience they’ll never forget! Earlier this year we launched Fancy Feast Royale Broths and cats absolutely loved them – we anticipate Fancy Feast Breakfasts to create the same reaction! We’re dedicated to bringing fine-dining to our felines.” 

Honestly, soufflé? That’s soooo ’80s. 

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