Catfish just got served, literally

Catfish are a blight on the online dating world. They’re the annoying people who use fake profile pictures of more attractive people to coax unsuspecting daters into making contact. It’s the source of a huge amount of frustration on dating sites and leads to a terrible user experience for those who are looking to meet someone who at least looks remotely like the person they’ve been chatting to.

In the fight against this issue, mobile dating app Bumble has just released a new photo verification tool that helps users filter fake profiles out of the experience. Through the tool, users are required to submit a selfie, which the app uses to determine if the profile pic is fake or real. It’s a simple way for users to get at least a semblance of certainty that they’re chatting to who they think they are.      

Rather than just sending a simple press release on the tech update, Bumble decided to have a bit of fun and do something that would resonate with its users.

Working with Texas-based creative company Preacher, the company created a food truck that literally served catfish. Passersby were invited to catfish tacos and a range of other items in exchange for downloading the app and trying it out.


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