Capturing minds: DraftFCB puts twist on matters of the heart

DraftFCB was out to challenge the perceptions of the lovestruck last week and further the Neurological Foundation’s cause during the upcoming Brain Awareness Week.

It was a chance for the agency to get topical as Valentine’s Day participants mulled how they’d spoil their dates — and to catch people off guard with a non-traditional message.

“What comes to mind when you think of Valentine’s Day? The heart,” the agency says. “And because of that, many people believe that’s where love comes from.

“By subverting the usual Valentine’s messages, and turning clichés on their head, the campaign caught people off guard and told them where true love really comes from — a chemical response in the brain.”

DraftFCB used print and online banners during the week and sent Valentine’s Day cards and bouquets to media. It says the camaign highlighted the importance of looking after our brain “so we can love our loved longer”.

The Neurological Foundation is a partner of Brain Awareness Week, which starts on 10 March. The week includes free public lectures and is an opportunity to donate to brain research.

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