Cantabrians get the Uber treatment

Uber has expanded its rideshare network across New Zealand by launching in Christchurch this week, the latest city on its list of 400 in over 58 countries.

The taxi replacement app said its service will “transform how Christchurch moves” by opening up “new opportunities” for suburbs like New Brighton, which are underserved by public transport due to the rebuild.

“Many more are only accessible by car or taxi, getting around hasn’t been easy. In fact, for most Cantabrians getting a bus isn’t an option, and getting a taxi is simply unaffordable.”

It also said the app will have a positive impact on issues such as drink driving, access to flexible work for those that need it, urban regeneration and congestion.

Offering rides 30 percent cheaper than regular taxis, the service has seen rapid growth in popularity since its New Zealand launch in 2014 and last September celebrated a milestone one million trips between its Auckland and Wellington drivers.

Internationally, Uber was also boasting rides equivalent to 25 trips to the moon with London, Mexico City, Paris and Toronto clocking up the greatest distances. 

Closer to home it has created 1,500 jobs in New Zealand and has hundreds more partners sign up each month.

No doubt Christchurch will significantly add to that number after Uber scouted for drivers in the city last year and received more than 1300 applications.

As an incentive to get Cantabrain riders to join, Uber is offering everyone five free rides over the next two weeks.

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