Can’t beat ’em? Join ’em

As Air New Zealand’s young, slightly more controversial upstart brand, grabaseat has always been given a bit more marketing rope than its parent. It’s certainly come up with some slightly unusual promotions in its time and it openly claims to do things in a way “that sometimes offends, sometimes makes you laugh, sometimes makes you cry and sometimes is just plain dumb”. But whatever grabaseat does, there’s always someone out there who will tell them how to do things better, apparently. So instead of fighting against the haters, it has decided to harness the creative power of the masses with the grabaseat billboard website.

It’s an attempt to crowd-source some creative and collect a few “smarty-pants ideas for our next billboard campaign”. And the brief is simple: grabaseat = cheap flights. It’s certainly not a new idea (you can already create your own Tui billboards). But who cares, because everyone loves coming up with witty slogans and there are also 1000 Air Points dollars up for grabs.

Grabaseat’s Victoria Hooper says the idea and concept was done in-house and the activation was done by Projector. So far there have been well over 6000 entries so far and they’re still flooding in. Bitter copywriters will presumably feel as though their craft is being devalued. But if you can’t beat ’em, best put your creative thinking caps on and join ’em.

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