Cannes Lions 2017: highlights from day five

While the industry is hurtling toward digital with wild abandon, the Radio and Film awards continue to enjoy a level of prestige at Cannes. This is, of course, part of the reason why these categories are announced in the final round before the integrated and platinum awards winners are revealed. These are the categories where you have the guarantee of seeing and hearing the stories that industry has become renowned for. And as indicated by the finalists this year, local agencies have no problem standing out among the best in the world when it comes to telling stories that connect with viewers.       


DDB and Colenso BBDO share the spoils in this category with a tally of 14 spots among the finalists.

Three of DDB’s finalist slots came for Autism NZ, as the ‘Darwin,’ ‘Einstein,’ and ‘Mozart’ ads were all nominated.


DDB’s other finalists all came for its work for Sky TV, with the ‘Free Soho Channel‘ (twice), ‘Free Coffee Mug‘ and ‘Free Hoodie‘ spots all making the cut.

Colenso BBDO is again in the running with five spots for Anchor and two for Pedigree.

Anchor’s ‘Inside-out‘, ‘Real‘ (twice) and ‘Blank Canvas‘ (twice), while Pedigree’s ‘Vacant Stare‘, and ‘Dribble Cry‘ are also shortlisted.

Film Craft

DDB and Colenso are also the only local contingent in the Film Craft category, amassing five spots between them. 

DDB has been shortlisted for Steinlager’s ‘Welcome to the other side’ spot, which came to fruition with the help of Beatworms, Franklin Road, Goodoil Films Sydney and Palace Studio.

The other four finalists spots belong to Colenso’s work for Anchor, with ‘Inside-out’, ‘Milk Slams’, ‘Blank Canvas’, and ‘Real’ all making the cut (all produced in conjunction with Assembly, Harmonic Studio and Studio 23 and with MediaCom NZ on media). 


The only Kiwi entry to make it through as a finalist in the Film category was Colenso BBDO’s ‘Hard man to impress’ spot for Pedigree.


In this instance, Colenso’s creative idea was brought to life by Creature, Exit Films and Franklin Road. 

Creative effectiveness awards

New Zealand’s two big winners from last year, Colenso’s ‘Brewtroleum’ for DB and Y&R NZ’s ‘McWhopper’, are both in contention in the Creative Effectiveness category. This award is always an important one for creative agencies because it provides a link from the creative concept to a business result—which is really the space all successful shops want to own. 

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