Cadbury recreates New Zealand in chocolate

Cadbury is urging Kiwis to get creative, in a new #whatsyourflavourNZ campaign which hopes to find New Zealand’s most exciting flavour combinations by drawing inspiration from its towns and cities.

To kick things off, Cadbury has made some suggestions based on food-related characteristics of each town. Known for its giant carrot, Ohakune’s suggested flavour is carrot chocolate, while Cromwell gets peach, Marlborough grape, Waitomo sour worms and Tauranga kiwifruit.

Commenter’s suggestions sound more appetising, with one suggesting Gisborne should have a ‘caramilk’ (caramel and milk chocolate) flavour to represent how the town is the first in the world to see the sun.

If Taupo was a chocolate, one commenter suggested it would be a milk chocolate with a white chocolate top, to represent the show, and crunchy biscuit pieces throughout to represent the volcanic rock.

Wellington would have a honey flavour, with the Beehive in mind, and Waimate a strawberry/chocolate combination because of the strawberries grown there.

The West Coast, known for its gold, would be Dairymilk or dark chocolate with a runny salted caramel centre.

One suggestion was for Rotorua to have a lemon centred chocolate to represent the sulphur, to which Cadbury replied, “as long as it doesn’t smell like sulphur then we’re okay!”.

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