Radio survey results: RNZ National claims the news radio crown

Radio New Zealand can join in the celebrations following the release of its survey results, which show it’s number two for audience reach against its commercial competitors.

The results come a week after the results for the commercial market but was in line with an agreement between the Radio Broadcasters Association and RNZ.

The industry felt a separation would ensure commercial radio results and RNZs results are given the appropriate level of exposure, and there would be no confusion in the market, according to a GfK release.

This is the first set of nationwide results under GfK’s new research methodology that has brought together RNZ and the commercial stations in one rating system.

While it is possible to compare RNZ to its commercial competitors, GfK said the station shares (percentages) cannot be compared. This is because the share results in the commercial radio reports are based on all commercial radio listening and the share results in the RNZ report are based on total New Zealand radio listening.

Together the RNZ stations have a have attracted an audience of 600,000 New Zealanders aged 10+ and a 13.6 percent share. As expected, its bigger commercial competitors draw in a larger audience with MediaWorks stations attracting an accumulated 2.15 million New Zealanders aged 10+ while NZME pulled in 1.82 million New Zealanders aged 10+.

However, when individual stations are compared, non-commercial RNZ National delivers a greater audience reach than competitors Newstalk ZB and RadioLive. Again, the shares cannot be compared.

RNZ National achieves a weekly cumulative reach of 529,000, giving it a share of 11.1 percent of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Newstalk ZB was found to achieve a weekly cumulative reach of 503,600, with a station share of 11.3 percent.

RadioLive, however has a weekly cumulative reach of 251,000, to achieve a station share of only 3.8 percent.

The Edge blows all stations out of the water with a weekly cumulative reach of 662,700 .

RNZ National achieves its greatest audience share in the breakfast results (Mon-Fri 6am-9am), with a 13.8 percent share of the total radio listening audience at that time of day, with a reach of 385,900 people.

In the same time slot, Newstalk ZB, with Mike Hosking, draws in a weekly audience of 342,000 and 15.6 percent share according to NZME group entertainment director Dean Buchanan.

Paul Henry on RadioLive attracts a weekly audience of 160,000, according to MediaWorks.

RNZ Concert has a weekly cumulative reach of 156,200, a 2.5 percent share of the total weekly radio listening in New Zealand.

Comparing the reach, these numbers put the concert station between Radio Sport, with a weekly reach of 173,600, and George FM, which achieves a weekly reach of 151,400.

This is the second survey released by GfK since it took over. In doing so, it promised more frequent reporting over the course of the year and these results coming in two months after the first results were made public in May shows the researcher is delivering on that.

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