Buzzfeed has just made a Super Bowl ad … about cats

To be fair it’s not an ad for themselves, but rather for cat food manufacturer Friskies and is the latest addition to the ‘Dear Kitten’ series.

Buzzfeed and Friskies paired up to create a 60-second TVC that will be airing in a few US markets over the time of the Super Bowl. This is not only Buzzfeed’s first ever Super Bowl ad but also their first ever TV ad full stop. Interestingly, it is also the first time ever that Friskies will be advertising during the Super Bowl.

The plan is to also post an extended cut online for those wanting a few more feline-based LOLs. This spot follows the original digital-only ad Buzzfeed created for the pet food giant, which has now been viewed over 30 million times.

Vice president of BuzzFeed motion pictures Jonathan Perelman predicts that we will start to see more and more marketers approaching digital publishers such as Buzzfeed for their advertising and content needs rather than going through a traditional ad agency. 

Below is the full length version of the ad:

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