A Buzzfeed cameo for Pineapple Lumps

Buzzfeed got a group of people together and made a video of them sampling chocolate from five different countries. The aim was that the participants had to guess the chocolate’s origin according to the taste. And yes, you’d be pleased to know, Pineapple Lumps got a well-deserved mention.

The participants were given chocolate from Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland, Vietnam and last but not least, New Zealand.

When they came across Pineapple Lumps they were all intrigued, “Pineapple Lumps? Sounds interesting!”, one participant described them as being like “chocolate and bubblegum if they had a beautiful child”.

They had no idea the chewy treats were from New Zealand, guessing they were from countries such as South Africa, Brazil or Australia.

At the end of the video the participants were asked to name their favourite chocolate, with three of seven saying Pineapple Lumps were their favourite and one guy saying, “S*it, I gotta book a flight to New Zealand”.   

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