BurgerFuel reaches new audiences through gaming

BurgerFuel is the first New Zealand brand to take advantage of the latest in-game technology with its ‘Ultimeatum’ burger campaign appearing on virtual billboards within popular video games such as Soccer Stars and Trivia Race 3D.

The company, along with Digital Commons, used AdColony to tailor its ads to appear in-game. With the help of Anzu’s integrated advertising solution, AdColony delivered the ads in a format it calls VDOOH (virtual digital out-of-home). VDOOH are ads in the form of billboards and posters strategically placed within the gaming environment, simulating out-of-home ads in the physical world.

The special ‘Ultimeatum’ burger was featured on billboards in games across mobile throughout the month of July.

These complementary and subtle ads provided a seamless play experience to BurgerFuel’s target audience and translated to significant real-world results for the brand. The campaign, which also included AdColony’s Instant Play HD Video format across mobile games, achieved a 95 percent video completion rate (69 percent more than the industry average).

Digital Commons Managing Partner Lisa Ison says Digital Commons is proud to be involved in this New Zealand first with AdColony, Anzu, Burger Fuel and Farrimond.

“Digital Commons is excited to bring new technology and environments otherwise only available in much larger markets. We’re proud of our partners, such as AdColony, who enable smart, boundary-pushing digital planning to help keep New Zealand advertising at the forefront of the industry,” says Ison

AdColony’s ANZ Senior Sales Manager James O’Driscoll says this is a fantastic example of a New Zealand brand utilising gaming as a mass reach media environment through attention grabbing formats.

“We know that gaming media environments now reach 80 percent of people in New Zealand, making it even bigger than YouTube or BVOD (GWI, 2020). BurgerFuel is one of a growing number of New Zealand brands to embrace gaming and our innovative formats, delivering outstanding campaign and marketing outcomes.”

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