Burger wars?

Ad world has been disrupted by some friendly fast-food fire between McDonald’s and Burger King.

Last week McDonald’s took a cheeky stab at Burger King in a clever campaign to promote its 1000 drive thru’s across France.

Two signs were placed next to each other, one advertising a McDrive five kilometers away while the other, significantly larger sign, gave a detailed list to the a Burger Kind drive thru 258 kilometers away in the hopes it would encourage people to visit McDonald’s rather than its competitor.

While the ad worked, Burger King responded this week to show it may have been for all the wrong reasons.

Burger King’s ad thanks McDonald’s for advertising its prominence by showing a couple who use McDonald’s as the coffee stopover while en route to Burger King.

Using the 258 kilometers to their advantage, Burger King tells customers that the Whopper is worth it.

If this means war, then it’s your move next McDonalds.

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